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Please review our FAQ to review commonly asked questions. If you need more information please feel free to contact us.

Q. How can I receive a free color catalog?

A. You can download our catalog from this website, or you can order a print version to be sent to you.

Q. Where can I purchase Pacific Bay products?

A. Please check out our list of dealers and wholesalers on this website to find the dealer nearest to you.

Q. How do our components compare to other manufacturers components?

A. We have no one single direct competitor due to our extensive product line. However, within our wide range of components some are less than, equal to or better than those of our competitors.

Q. The deluxe chuck keeps dropping the rod.  Do you have any suggestions?


Do make sure blank is properly aligned to chuck and rod supports
Do insure that the Rod supports are  adjusted in height to cradle the blank in a level position.
Do use the appropriate sized jaw covers for your rod or blank
Do make sure the handle weight is properly supported by a rod support.
Do protect any glossy surface of the blank from scratches or dulling from the rod support roller. This is best done with a wrap or two of Blue painter's masking tape.
Do  make sure that the Jaw covers are firmly positioned on the jaws of the chuck.
Don't wrap, dry or turn a rod without the rod supports properly aligned and supporting the entire rod.
Don't over-tighten the chuck.
Don't run the chuck in a counter-clockwise direction if unattended.
Don't apply any lubricant or rubber protector to the Jaw Covers.

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