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Pacific Bay Offers Complete Private Label & Custom Manufacturing Services for the OEM and Custom Rod Builder.

  • Reel Seats: Laser Engraving / Custom Colors
  • Blanks: Custom Specifications /Custom Colors
  • Guides: Custom Colors & Finishes / Proprietary Design Production
  • Aluminum Butts: Laser Engraving / Custom Colors
  • Rod Socks &Tubes: Laser Engraving - Custom Embroidery
  • Innovative Products: Overseas Sourcing for Your Proprietary Product

Custom Component Specifications

  • Complete customization capabilities on all rod components including reel seats, tops, guides, grips, handles. Blanks are available in an unlimited variety of colors.
  • Cost effective solutions for fly, spinning, casting, surf, boat, etc.
  • In-house design services for custom applications.
  • State of the art materials available to insure the highest quality custom products.
  • Private Labeling services put your logo where it will be noticed.
  • Proprietary designs and products available for exclusive private label applications.
  • Pacific Bay has made a commitment to bring the highest quality designs, materials, and craftsmanship to the rod building community.
  • We are dedicated to the research and development of new innovations and making them available for custom rod applications.

Begin Customizing Today!

Call or email today for a review of your specific custom manufacturing project.

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