Blank Warranty

What is the procedure for returning a Pacific Bay Blank for warranty?

Since most blanks will change hands at least once after their original sale, Pacific Bay’s warranty is transferable from rod builder to angler(s) and will cover workmanship and material defects for the life of the blank.

Any defective blank should be returned, at your expense, to Pacific Bay. Upon careful examination, any blank found to be defective will be replaced.

  1. All returned blanks must have a RETURN AUTHORIZATION NUMBER (RA).
  2. To receive your RA#, contact Pacific Bay Customer Service Department at 360-683-2080 or
  3. It is necessary to return all sections for warranty consideration.
  4. IMPORTANT: Please remove any components you wish to keep.  All rods returned to us will be discarded.
  5. Please include a $20.00 Handling Fee (international, please call Customer Service) per blank replacement payable by check, money order, or credit card.
  6. IMPORTANT: Please clearly mark the RA number on the OUTSIDE of the package

This warranty does NOT cover the following:

  • Consequential or incidental damages such as the loss of fishing reel, components or rod customizing and assembly
  • Damage due to misuse, neglect or normal wear and tear
  • Damage caused to blank during rod assembly or resulting from improper assembly, such as over-tight thread wraps
  • Additions or modifications to the blank such as shortening, sectioning or tiptop sizing
  • Any blank built into a rod for which it was not intended, such as a fly rod blank built into a spinning rod