Pacific Bay International Limited Manufacturer Warranty

Pacific Bay International
Attn: Claims Department
72 Banana Way
Carlsborg, WA 98324-0177, USA
Email: Warranty@fishpacbay.com
Phone: 360-912-7251

PacBay Limited Warranty Policy:

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All Pacific Bay blanks are covered by limited warranty against defects in the materials or workmanship (manufacturer’s defect). If it is determined that your product has a manufacturer’s defect within the first year of original purchase, it will be replaced for a $20 shipping and handling charge.

  • Defective blanks shall be returned to PacBay at your expense.
  • If PacBay determines the Blank is defective, due to a manufacture defect and not misuse by the consumer, a new blank will be sent for a shipping and handling fee of $20 payable by check or money order to PacBay Int.
  • If the return shipping length is over 8 feet, actual shipping expense will be determined by PacBay.
  • All replacements will be made with the same blank model as the one returned; if no longer available the replacement shall be the closest blank in action and or value.
  • Only claims in the United States will be processed any claims outside of the United States will not be processed do to Custom’s fees and process.

Warranty does not cover:

  • Consequential or incidental damages such as the loss of fishing reel, component or rod customizing and assembly expenses affecting finished rod cost.
  • Damage due to misuse, neglect or normal wear and tear.
  • Damage caused to the blank during rod assembly or resulting from improper assembly, such as over tight thread wraps, improper spline locating technique, etc.
  • Additions or modifications to the blank such as shortening, sectioning or tip top sizing.
  • Any blank built into a rod for which it was not intended, such as a fly blank built into a spinning rod.

Pacific Bay International will have sole responsibility for determining the validity of any claim for warranty repair or replacement. No agent may offer any other warranty claim. One year claims will be accepted or denied based on the following criteria:

  • The one year warranty period begins on the day following the item leaving our warehouse, or by a copy of the detailed receipt from the retailing agent stating part number and date of sale. No other method will be accepted.

Pacific Bay International reserves the right to change or void this policy as needed without notification to consumers.